Princess Kishi
Princess Kishi

Princess Kishi

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Princess Ksihi

The beautiful Princess rose called ‘Kishi’ needs, just like the Princess Sakura rose, a couple of days in water before she starts blooming delightfully. The color of the rose Princess Kishi could be best described as deep cherry red with some magenta undertones. When in bloom fully, this rose reveals a chartreuse green center that creates a very striking contrast.

The Princess rose Kishi is also known as ‘Long and Happy Life’. It’s the perfect alias for this rose, because this strong rose with large blooms has a very long vase life of 12+ days!

Scent rating: 1 

Scent Scale:

1= Mild

5= Strong

Our roses are sold by the dozen and will be cut, packed and shipped to the UAE according your requirements.

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