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Tambuzi Garden Roses For One Carbon World - Cop26 2021

COP26 Maggie Hobbs will be in Glasgow this week as an informal ambassador for Kenya flower farming. At Tambuzi, we believe that the first step is that all businesses should measure and own their environmental footprint and work to reduce it. We are delighted to share this video with you which will be included with others in the One Carbon World program at COP26. Around 15 companies joined Tambuzi in signing up to the UN Climate Neutral Now initiative making Kenya one of the most represented countries.

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Tambuzi Farm As Featured On BBC Made On Earth

RoseHip & BLOOM is proud to share a great documentary broadcasted by BBC Made on Earth. You will get a closer look into the process of the world wide shipment of our roses from the Tambuzi rose fields in Kenya. Further reading on Made On Earth: The roots of the flower trade. Photo Credit: BBC

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Taking Care Of Roses For Best Results!

Taking care of the roses for the best results 1.The wholesaler Unpack the flower boxes and take the bunches out, but leave the wrapping materials and sleeves on. Cut approximately 5cm or 2” from the base of the stems, leaving the wrapping material and the sleeve on. Remove excess foliage before placing the flower bunch in buckets of clean water. The water should be minimum 15cm or 6” deep, and should have a flower hydrating additive. The flowers need up to 12 hours in a cool area until they have fully rehydrated. A temperature of 5 degrees Celsius is ideal. After 6 hours of the rehydration process you can gently remove the wrapping materials, but leave the sleeves on until...

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