Taking Care Of Roses For Best Results!

Taking care of the roses for the best results

1.The wholesaler

  1. Unpack the flower boxes and take the bunches out, but leave the wrapping materials and sleeves on.
  2. Cut approximately 5cm or 2” from the base of the stems, leaving the wrapping material and the sleeve on.
  3. Remove excess foliage before placing the flower bunch in buckets of clean water. The water should be minimum 15cm or 6” deep, and should have a flower hydrating additive.
  4. The flowers need up to 12 hours in a cool area until they have fully rehydrated. A temperature of 5 degrees Celsius is ideal.
  5. After 6 hours of the rehydration process you can gently remove the wrapping materials, but leave the sleeves on until the flowers are fully rehydrated. Do not lift the roses out of the water in the meantime, not even for a short moment.

Your flowers are ready to sell!

2.The florist or retailer

  1. If the flowers arrive cooled and hydrated, keep them chilled and remove the wrapping materials as soon as possible. You can leave the sleeves on until you need the flowers for an arrangement.
  2. Check the level of solution and top up if necessary, as they require a lot of solution.

3.If they arrive dry in boxes, follow the instruction as per the above (wholesaler) and after they are cooled and hydrated, they are ready for use.

  1. If you need them to open for an event, just leave them a bit longer in cold storage for 3-4 days, but remember to change the water every 2 days and checking the water level regularly. Make sure that all wrapping materials and sleeves are off when you decide to store them longer.

Your flowers are ready to use!

Important note: The hydrating solution (flower food) should always be mixed as per instructions, and you should not overdose. The buckets and containers should be sterile and always washed between uses.

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