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The colour of our intriguing new rose Darcey is transformed as the bloom ages. Bright crimson buds gradually open out to form many-petalled, raspberry red rosettes. An attractive cluster of stamens is revealed in the heart of the flower. As the blooms age, the colour deepens, developing rich purple tones. Darcey has a very light fruity fragrance and our longest vase life to date. This variety dries beautifully, turning a rich cassis colour. Darcey is the first David Austin rose that can be stocked by florists for a few days and still have a vase life of 9 to 10 days in the home

Scent rating: 2 

Scent Scale:

1= Mild

5= Strong

Our roses are sold by the dozen and will be cut, packed and shipped to the UAE according your requirements.

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